Sciatica and Physical Therapy for the Treatment of Lower Back Pain

download (7)Whether young or old, most people experience the symptoms of sciatica at some point in their lives. Like death and taxes, you could say that lower back problems are just another inevitable part of life. Sciatica is caused by the irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve located in the lower back above the buttock.

This irritation can result in lower back pain, leg numbness, leg weakness, and even nerve damage. “Sciatica” itself is merely a collection of symptoms rather than a standalone syndrome. One of the most frustrating aspects of experiencing lower back pain is that, because the area is so sensitive, it is often difficult to find the source, and therefore remedy, of the problem.

This can give the condition a component of mental anguish along with the excruciating physical pain. While painkillers and prescription anti-inflammatory drugs can be helpful in alleviating symptoms, persistent physical therapy is often the most effective treatment.


Getting the Best Mattress for Back Pain

images (15)When dealing with back pain there are certain things that are likely to help and one of the main ones is comfort when lying down. When this important aid no longer relieves the pain it is a concern and there are even occasions when lying down is the cause or at least makes the pain even worse, then it is clear that something needs to be changed.

Some mattresses will need to be changed simply because they have become old and damaged and are no longer offering the support that is needed. When the mattress stops giving support the posture during the night alters and there will be unnecessary strain put on muscles and this will result in you waking up in the morning and being aware of the pain. The spine will also be affected as it will not be correctly aligned and this will lead to back pain low down in the back.

Deciding on the best mattress for back pain will differ from person to person and the nature of the pain will also mean that what is good in one instance will not be good in another. It can be a matter of testing different ones until you find the right one but it will be a help to know that there are certain ones that will be best for certain conditions.

If the pain is felt low down in the back then the best type of mattress for back pain will be a type that offers good support and will allow you to sleep throughout the night. It should be possible to get information about the best type from a good store as they will have the experience to know what companies provide mattresses that will offer the best relief.

The thing to look out for will be the way that the mattress is sprung as this will determine how much support it will provide and make it one of the best mattress’ for back pain. Not all mattresses are sprung the same way so it should be easy to work out which ones should be avoided. Add to this the depth of the mattress and also the way in which they are padded and you should be able to find one that will help with your pain.

Getting a mattress with the right amount of support will help to stop muscles aching or being damaged. This is on top of the amount of support given to the spine and while it would be wrong to say which mattress will be best as all people will have one that works best for them, there have been studies that have shown that the best mattress for back pain will be those that have a medium to firm rating.

Changing mattresses at the right time is also going to help with back pain. Breaking in a mattress may be good but it can also stop it being as effective as it needs to be. Sadly there may be times when comfort has to be sacrificed for good support when getting the best mattress for back pain.


Back Pain and Piriformis Syndrome: FAQs and Treatment Options

Piriformis-Syndrome-TreatmentAnyone who has experienced back pain can vouch for the fact that it can be agonizing and even debilitating. One condition, that can be responsible for back pain is piriformis syndrome. Simply put, it occurs when the piriformis muscle aggravates the sciatic nerve. The result is pain, frequently referred to as sciatica, in the buttocks and along the sciatic nerve.

The muscle is located along the top of the hip joint and helps with lateral rotation and abduction. For instance, it allows you to balance on one foot, and move the opposite foot laterally away from the body while pointing your toes in an upward direction. This muscle is important because it allows the body to balance and enables walking and the shifting of body weight from one foot to the other. The sciatic nerve usually runs beneath the muscle; however, for a small group of individuals, it actually runs through it. For those individuals, sciatica occurs much more commonly.

Often individuals experiencing the kind of back pain described have questions surrounding their condition. It is always wise to seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before attempting treatments and remedies that may cause greater harm and possible injury to the body.

If you have experienced conditions similar to those described above, you might consider seeking advice from a medical professional such as a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO). DOs can often use osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) to access patient conditions and determine more natural healing for the body. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about piriformis syndrome.